Hello, I’m Rozynna

I believe that we all have infinite brilliance deep within us, but that we live with limiting beliefs as a result of social conditioning.

My mission is to help individuals like you to break through those beliefs. To develop the courage to live on your own terms and the confidence to express yourself authentically. So that you can achieve both freedom and fulfilment.

I fiercely believe that there is no greater courage than than the courage to be yourself, but that so many people, and women in particular, are shrinking themselves so that others won’t feel insecure around them. They are hiding their brilliance, keeping themselves small and settling for less. .

It makes me sad to see this, because they deserve so much more from life.

Believe me, I know from experience. When I was young I was naturally a high achiever, but I constantly got the message not to be so clever, not to shine so bright.

For a long time I tried to hide my true self, my passions, my voice and my creativity, so that I wouldn’t stand out. Just so that I could be normal. Just so that I could fit in.

I even got myself a science degree because that's what all the smart girls were doing. How crazy is that!

But eventually I became brave enough to be myself, to let my true personality shine, to follow my big dreams, to express my creativity boldly.

And also to build a passion-based business that truly represents all that I stand for, and enables me to express myself through my brand in the shiniest, glitziest, yet most authentic way possible.

I love the freedom and fulfilment that I get from doing life on my own terms and I’m here to help you to do the same!


Rozynna has over 20 years of experience in marketing, publishing, branding and design. She has worked in various types of business, from tech companies to independent publishing house to investment banks. She had her first taste of a freedom-based lifestyle when she left investment banking after her son was born, and began freelancing as an editor. She has never looked back.

Then after the birth of her daughter, she bought her first MacBook and set up a design and branding studio, which she ran successfully for over a decade, and at the same time established her own lifestyle brand of surface pattern textiles and accessories. 

Then, just a few years ago, Rozynna experienced a breakthrough when she realised she had a deeper purpose. She gave up everything to certify as a success coach, travel the world and launch a freedom-based business and brand.

She now helps multi passionate coaches and entrepreneurs who want to do it all, to unleash their brilliance and show up authentically online, and ultimately to create success on their own terms. Her signature concept, Infinite Brilliance, combines cutting-edge thinking in quantum theory with groundbreaking creative strategy to deliver powerful results for her clients. 

Rozynna has a sparkling presence online, with a vibrant community, The Brilliant Living Revolution, and a loyal following on social media. She lives just outside London with her husband, son and daughter, and is currently writing her first book.

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