Forever changed!

I am forever changed! Early last year, after so much questioning and soul searching, I made the decision to change direction professionally, and began to invest in my professional development. It was not an easy decision to change tack professionally and focus on coaching, but with my children reaching the next stage and with my ambition burning deeper than ever before, I knew it was my time. Time to broaden my horizons, shift my mindset, get qualified and deepen my business and coaching skills. Not long after I decided to take a leap and enrol in Gina DeVee's Academy - and I have not looked back.

From the moment I joined I realised that the programme could have been created just for me. From the personal mastery and wealth consciousness programming to the business and marketing teaching, and of course the coaching practicuum and certification. The personal development side was so much deeper than I expected and I was constantly growing and stretching my comfort zone. Gina DeVee has been the most inspiring mentor and I am forever changed as a result of this process.

Best of all was being part of a community of 200 like minded women entrepreneurs from around the globe, some of whom have become my best friends as we've travelled around the world together to the live events, in style of course. To Miami, Sydney, Paris and finally to our graduation in Los Angeles, our journey together has been profound. I am now enrolled on the fast-track Business Mastery programme and have just returned from an incredible week in the exquisite setting of Villa Cora in Florence.