Getting back in my flow

This summer has been all about getting back in my flow following the devastating loss of my beautiful mother. It felt as though my position in the world had shifted, because it had. At times I felt dizzy and disorientated. Time lost all meaning and my greatest comfort came from simply being rather than doing, enjoying the sunshine and spending time with family and old friends. My siblings were simply amazing, and together we pulled through. Travel plans were cancelled, projects were put on hold, it was such a surreal time. Finally, we escaped to Cyprus in early September, and getting away was just what we needed. Our lives are beginning to return to normal. 

My mother was a talented painter and stained glass artist, who followed her passion and returned to art college once her fifth child had started school, attending the prestigious St Martin's College. She was the one who taught me to follow my passions, to connect with my creative genius and to embrace my uniqueness. She also taught me to love the finer things in life, as we spend time together in perfume halls and department stores. Selfridges in London was our favourite. She taught me about self love and respect, and always said that I deserved only the best of everything. Since I was the eldest daughter we spend so much time together when I was younger, exploring galleries and attending private views, critiquing sculptures and laughing about paintings. An art tour to Madrid when we were both university students holds the key to some of my fondest memories. 

I feel comforted that in our parting moments I promised to carry on her creative legacy and to have an impact on hundreds, thousands, millions, with my work. I promised to follow my purpose, which is to inspire others to shine brilliantly, to help them to become fulfilled through their own creative expression and to enable them to reach their grandest vision. And having made that promise, I feel more fired up than ever about my life's mission.