My theme for the year

A couple of weeks into the new year, and already I feel a change in energy. Following all the dramatic events of 2016, experienced both personally and globally, I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility, but I'm also bursting with excitement as I wonder what is in store for this year. I wonder whether you feel it too?

I feel compelled to put an end to my perfection and procrastination, to get out there and 'be the change'. I believe there is no time to waste; that it's our time to rise up as our authentic selves, to claim our space in the world, to step up and be visible. And to shine out lights brilliantly. 

I've been deliberating on my theme for the year, and I've finally settled on 'authenticity'. For I believe that being more visible and being the change in the world is best done with authenticity, passion and style. I've realised that it's one of my deepest values and this year more than ever I want to help others to be authentic in business, from the inside out.