Showing up online is vital for business these days, but it can be so scary. Where do you even start with knowing what to say and where to say it, let alone posting photos of yourself? 

I know, because I felt the same when I first started building my business online a few years ago. I struggled with every post, anxiously checking for comments afterwards. 

I could have given up but I persevered because I was determined to create a global business, even though I knew I preferred to network in person. 

After all, I was the networking queen, loving the buzz of meeting new people. And of course I still do, in fact I'm going to an event tomorrow. 

But it was only when I shifted my mindset and decided to believe that I could enjoy engaging online that I grew to love it so much, and began to attract clients. Just by being me and saying what I believed. 

And you can do the same, if you are willing to shift your thinking. I'd love to hear from you if you've had the same experience or if you are fearful of being seen online. Comment below or send me a private message, if you prefer!