If you have ever been to Florence, the epicentre of Renaissance Italy, you will understand why I simply had the most scrumptious time there. Everything about the city was steeped in culture and inspiration, and in fact I believe that I experienced my own Renaissance, my own rebirth.

The purpose of the trip was intensive business mastery training and it was a chance to catch up with my global entrepreneurial friends who had flown in from around the world. The setting was the magnificently opulent Villa Cora, filled with spectacular frescos and statues. A week staying in such splendour, and with such high vibrational, ambitious businesswomen prompted several huge flashes of inspiration, many in the early hours of the morning, and I had the realisation afterwards that this trip marked a turning point in my life.

Da Vinci's legacy in Florence had a profound effect on me. I was fortunate to come across the Da Vinci Live exhibition held in an old church close to the Ponte Vecchio. The multi sensory experience was a vibrant symphony of light, colour and sound, as Da Vinci's masterpieces, inventions, drawings and quotations were projected on huge scale on walls, ceiling and floor, and I felt totally immersed in Leonardo da Vinci's genius mind.

I have long been fascinated by the mind of Da Vinci, and his obsession with patterns, finding them and exploring them, his creative genius way of thinking, his curious nature, and I resonate so much with his way of thinking, in fact he was believed to be an ENTP (Myers Briggs) personality just like me.

I realised in that afternoon that since I have the same way of thinking, of exploring ideas and concepts, that my true purpose in life lies simply in my own deep self expression and in inspiring others in their self-expression too, by helping them to infuse all aspects of their personality, their passions and talents into their business, into their life.