I’ve always been intrigued by philosophy, psychology, spirituality and science, and from a young age I questioned everything. I believed with all my heart that I was on journey to find the truth, and was endlessly curious, usually more interested in big picture concepts than detail. I was fascinated by pattern, shape and form, as well as ideas, theories and strategies. I was also highly creative in my thinking and appreciative of the visual arts. 

All began to make more sense when I was introduced to the concept of quantum physics at university. I was a first year science student and within weeks of starting we were introduced to complex quantum physics concepts. This took my thinking about life and its meaning to a whole new level. Getting my head around the idea that everything is made of energy seemed a wild suggestion back in those days and I spent hours researching while completing my assignments. 

I believe that this early exposure to quantum theory influenced my perspective on life, providing me with deep level understanding about the nature of reality and our role within it. Combining this insight with my vivid imagination and desire for achievement, I found it easy to tap into my own creative power, and design a life I loved. I also found that the more I wanted something, the more I was able to achieve it, simply by setting out to get it.    

Fast forwarding to more recent years, my quest to find out the truth brought me back to myself. I realised that the answers lie within us, in the depths of our consciousness, and that it simply takes awareness to understand this. Once this inner awareness has been established, it becomes almost effortless to live from a place of pure potentiality, from where anything becomes possible.

It was from this space of possibility that I began to examine my own life, which highlighted some intriguing patterns. I realised that all of my leaps, breakthroughs and successes in life have materialised from the following ingredients: a bold idea, absolute clarity of vision, trust in my inner wisdom and rapid risk-taking. 

In fact, I was actually taking one such leap when I had this lightbulb moment. I’d recently given up the design studio that I’d been successfully running for years, as it wasn't maximising my talents, signed up for an exclusive coaching program for high achieving entrepreneurs and now here I was on a plane from London to Sydney, flying across the world to attend one of the events. I was so excited at the realisation that my mind was going into overdrive. One of my biggest struggles in life has been implementing my ‘genius’ ideas, I’m often moving onto my next idea before I’ve had a chance to follow through. So imagine the thrill of realising that I’d inadvertently created a system for success. That over the course of my life I had achieved great things when I was fiercely committed to my goal and made it a non-negotiable. 

Reverse engineering the process and incorporating my training in success coaching, I came up with the three basic principles of achievement: clarity, alignment and momentum, which have become become the foundation of my signature program, Infinite Brilliance. 

They are the principles upon which my forthcoming book is based.