Yesterday I was at a family party, having a philosophical discussion with my father, and this is what emerged. 

In many ways he has been an enlightened parent, opening our eyes to the wider world of theology, philosophy and politics. This early awareness was instrumental to my view of the world and my place within it, and I'm so grateful for the conversations we used to have. 

Although he hasn't quite relinquished some of his limiting beliefs!

Are you living fully in the present or are you stuck in the past? As you get older the energy from the past can begin to dominate if you don't do something to prevent this from happening. Memories from the past can become the lens through which you see the world. 

Once you realise this you are free to change. Free to focus on appreciation for what you have, to be grounded in the present, to be curious about life, to be mindful. 

And that is when you enter the realm of infinite possibility, infinite brilliance. The space where you can have anything you desire, and where absolutely anything can happen. But only if you believe it's true.