We're living in an age of distraction. Things have changed dramatically in recent years. There is absolutely no denying that we are all experiencing more information, interruption and distraction, and at the same time less focus, concentration and depth. 

As a result our lives have become faster, busier, overwhelmingly so, and there are no signs that this trend will slow down. In fact there is more pressure than ever to want it all, do it all, have it all. Where is all of this leading, and will it make us happier and more fulfilled? Unlikely.

I know from experience that people are increasingly struggling with self-doubt and indecision, disconnected from their purpose and feeling a sense of emptiness.

I know because I've been there myself. Five years ago I crashed and burned, overwhelmed and overloaded by all I was trying to manage. 

Since then I've gone through a complete transformation to get to where I am today, by learning to connect deeply with my authentic self and by listening to my intuition.

In fact that experience was one of the best things that could have happened to me, because it made me stop and reassess everything in my life, and that was the start of freedom-based living for me!