The number one benefit of freedom-based living? The impact it's having on my family. 

I've just returned from my daughter's achievement assembly and I'm feeling more than a little proud. 

Turns out she's a bit of a maths genius and received a national award today. As well as one for the Young Enterprise business she's been running all year. 

I'm feeling grateful for how much flexibility I've had in the past 15 years of entrepreneurship and how much I've been able to be there in the lives of my children. 

I've been able to attend every sports day, awards ceremony, and important occasion in both of my children's lives. 

I've been there for them at every step of their development and I believe it shows, in their attitude, their focus, their results and their ambition. 

I believe that working around your children is simply the best thing you can do for them. 

Being able to give them the attention and encouragement they need to become independent self starters. 

In the past when I've talked about building a freedom-based business, others have looked on with a sigh, wishing they could do the same. 

And I understand that, with all of life's responsibilities, commitments and obligations, the idea of running a freedom based business can seem totally impossible. 

But it's actually completely within your grasp. My new side hustle took barely any time to set up and just a few weeks to start earning money promoting. 

All of the infrastructure was set up, the website, the technology, the luxury haircare products, the dispatch. And more training, support and community than you could even believe. 

The business model is social marketing and all you need to do is spread the word about the business and the products. So simple. So easy. Anyone can do it.