When you get home after taking the afternoon off to watch your daughter at her last ever sports day.

To discover that you’re one of the top 10 income earners in the UK in your new side hustle. 

I’ve always been ambitious and aimed for the top, but I did not expect all of this to happen just four months into my new luxury haircare business:

Achieving consistent four figure months
Getting promoted four times, a quadruple ranking
Being invited to accelerator training
Being presented with flowers on stage for having the 3rd fastest growing team in the UK
Qualifying for a luxury spa break for two. 
Becoming one of the top 10 income earners in the UK
AND I’m one of only three in the UK to have qualified for a trip to the Bahamas! 

The side hustle that I began on a whim has become so much more, It has turned out to be a wise business decision that fits perfectly alongside my coaching business. 

I’m so grateful to my amazing friend and mentor for sharing this opportunity with me, and to my rapidly expanding team for being so awesome!

And now I’d like to share it with you. I’m looking to attract people like you who are dynamic self starters, hungry for success and passionate about making a big impact in the world. 

Most likely you are already a successful coach or entrepreneur, but deep down feel that you would like more of a challenge, more of a community around you, or simply another income stream. 

Best of all this is a chance to be an early adopter in the brand new UK market, with a product range that has been a roaring success in the US. 

And did I mention the opportunity to get founders shares too?

You know where I am if you want to find out more!