Unleash your Brilliance

The online program for driven individuals who are ready to dive deep into their subconscious mind, and emerge as leaders who are empowered to create the income, influence & impact they deeply desire

You have extraordinary potential to be an influential leader and are ready to live out your vision, but something is holding you back. You know that you desire success, but you want it on your own terms.

You are ready to achieve the ‘impossible’, but you worry that leaping to the next level will make you lose sight of all of this. You know that being aligned with your own truth, your core values, your deep purpose is more important than anything.

I understand, really I do. I believe that building a business that you are absolutely passionate about, that is a unique expression of your brilliance and that serves your highest needs, has to be grounded in your core values. So that it is built with integrity and authenticity. I believe that flow is the key to fulfilment, and that it is achieved through the alignment of your energy, so that your work becomes easy and effortless, and ultimately rewarding. 

There’s a spark of pure brilliance deep inside you that is just waiting to find its full expression. This inner brilliance is your power centre, your creative genius, your inner core of potential energy, and it can be unleashed in a focused way to create incredible transformation.


  • Are you a motivated, dynamic and intelligent individual who desires a magnificent life, yet feels stuck, unable to reach the next level in business?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with your daily tasks, and worried that your big vision is constantly put on the back burner?

  • Are you settling for a good enough life and resigning yourself to a mediocre future, when you know deep down that you have so much potential.

  • Are you procrastinating and getting distracted, unsure of your direction?  

  • Are you feeling disconnected from the dreams you once had, from the call of your soul?

  • Are you taking massive action and getting burned out in the process?

  • Are you confused as to why others have all the success while you continue to struggle?


It is time for you to get your genius out there into the marketplace, in a way that is bigger, bolder, braver than ever before. Time to clarify your vision, your platform, your compelling message. And then to take inspired action so you can monetise your expertise and create the income, influence and impact that you have always desired.

I strongly believe that the world needs enlightened women coaches and experts who are living on purpose and making a significant contribution in the world. So, I'm here to support you in crystallising your vision, clarifying your mission, and conquering the world with your message, so you can become more influential, create a huge impact and boost your bank account at the same time.

The thing is, money is emotional currency for women, deeply connected with our sense of self worth and impacting our feelings of safety and security. In fact, your wealth is a reflection of the impact you are making in the world. 


I'm beyond excited to introduce ... 


The 6-week online course that will lead
to dramatic shifts in your productivity, presence & power,
and get you on the fast track to outstanding success

Success is about living your greatest life, your fullest creative expression, it is about exploring all of the dimensions of your individuality, and it’s about making money in line with the impact you are having.

You are so much more powerful than you can imagine and these results are absolutely possible for you…

We are all on our own journey to success, but you don’t have to take that journey alone. I know what is keeping you stuck right now, and I am here to help you. I know because I have been in your position and now I am here for you. I are so passionate about helping people like you to move out of stuck and into spectacular, because I know just how frustrating it is to desire so much more. I know you can take the leap, just as I did, I believe in you, I have trust in you. And i am here to travel with you, support you, encourage you, celebrate with you.

My story 

I've been designing my life ever since learning to speak my truth, developing strong self-belief, and discovering my inner brilliance at just 15 years old. Success seemed so easy for me, and my philosophy was that if I followed my passions that I would find happiness in my work. Which  was true, the problem was that I had so many passions, that I ended up leaping from one career path to another, learning new skills and developing my powers of persuasion and influence along the way. As a result I have a huge wealth of experience of so many wildly different ways of working, and in widely different environments. Essentially my life has been a series of quantum leaps, each time taking risks, pushing my limits and doing the ‘impossible’. From  small marketing agencies to international investment banks, from the glitzy world of publishing to my own brand design studio, from launching a label of luxury design products to coaching and consulting in the creative industries. 

Then, just a few years ago, when I was trying to have it all, and taking on far too much, everything changed.

I found myself in a position where I was frantically juggling three businesses, along with two young children, and trying to have a life. I was working around the clock, exhausted and stressed all of the time. I had lost my creative power, I no longer seemed to be able to create the success that had always come to me effortlessly. 

Eventually, I crashed and burned. I realised that I had to make some dramatic changes, and quickly. I discovered the art of mindfulness and in an attempt to create space in my life, I took out membership at my local spa.  

It was there that I finally had a lightbulb moment one day in the hot tub. I discovered that after decades of following my passions, it was time to acknowledge what my intuition had been trying to tell me for so long. That my true purpose was to be found in creating deep connections and spreading my message on a global scale. With this clarity I got myself back into alignment quickly, and was soon able to build the momentum required to run a freedom-based business and create success on my own terms.

And now I'm here to help you to do the same.   

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This program is about overcoming your fears, self doubt and limitations and stepping into your most confident and charismatic self, so that you can design a life you love and attract all that you desire, regardless of where you are on your journey.

“It’s time to take your leap, transform your life, and create an impact in the world beyond what you ever thought possible”

Imagine this as your future reality:

  • You have the courage to be fully visible, you exude self-confidence and have discovered your strong and powerful voice.

  • You have set aside your attitudes and beliefs from the past, all of the baggage you’ve been carrying around for years that has been sabotaging your success.

  • You have understood that all of your fears, barriers and insecurities are part of your past and have undergone complete transformation in these areas.

  • You have developed a powerful core that drives all that you do, so you no longer have the urge to procrastinate or be distracted from your purpose.

  • You have laser clarity on your message and are able to create profound transformations and breakthroughs for your clients.

  • You are able to fire up your creative genius and create the lifestyle, relationships and business that are a true reflection of your values and desires.

  • You feel fulfilled, free and in flow, and are able to relax and enjoy your time off, knowing that your business is running smoothly.

What's included?

  • 6 x video modules that will immerse you in the process from the outside

  • 12 x downloadable pdf worksheets that will give you deeper understanding

"A unique, intense & empowering program that skilfully combines the art of CREATIVITy & science of quantum leaping with wealth programming & visibility strategies."


  • You already know that you can’t work it all out alone.

  • You know deep down that you are prepared to expand your comfort zone and face your fears, ready to be fierce and courageous.

  • You know that it’s your time and that you are no longer willing to wait for the success that you crave.

  • You know that you long for a community of like-minded and supportive women who believe in your success, who are collaborative rather than competitive and will be behind you every step of the way.

  • You know that you are being called to greatness and that you are more than ready to leap.

Your point of power is now. It’s your time to make a decision that will change your future forever, and propel you towards fulfilment, flow and freedom.  

You can choose your current reality, an unfulfilled potential, a life of mediocrity and the illusion of certainty.

Or you can choose to leap to your brilliant success, expand to your fullest expression, live the life you were born to live, and create an extraordinary impact in the world.

The decision is yours. What will it be?  

If you’re not manifesting the money, influence and lifestyle that you want in your life right now, it’s simply because you are being held back by mindset blocks, limiting beliefs and old patterns.

I feel driven to empower more women like you to transform live your big vision, so you can make your own impact in the world.  

I would love to see you stepping up to become the best version of yourself - having the money, influence and lifestyle you deeply desire, without compromise.

In this program I combine various powerful tools, techniques and strategies, plus my own best experiences and practices - all in a logical and easily digestible way that makes it simple to implement.

I'll be honest with you, quantum leaps are never easy. They require you to be courageous, leave your comfort zone and take steps into the unknown. But you can be sure the process will be substantially easier with my guidance.

Unleash your Brilliance is perfect for where you are right now. It’s as if the program was designed especially for you, because it was! You will be taken by the hand and shown, step-by-step, how to create positive change, in both your personal and professional life.

This means you will get the exact strategies, systems and mindset shifts necessary to become successful whilst staying connected with your inner truth.

What others are saying

"I've been making the shifts I need in order to shine more brightly"

"I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Rozynna, and her approach, which was quite direct and refreshing. She challenged me on a few points about my business and my views on who I am and want to be. The main thing I took away was that I need to live and show up as an inspired leader and she had good suggestions about how I can support this both personally and within my business. The discussions have stayed with me and I've been making the shifts I need in order to shine more brightly" Judith Raynor, Walk & Talk Coach

“rozynna helped me to see that I am more than i thought i was.”
"Rozynna helped me to see that I am more than I thought I was. To draw on my life experiences which have made me who I am, and to expect the best for myself, from today taking care of myself first not last. I came away from the sessions feeling inspired and confident that the path I am taking is definitely the right one for me." Tracy Cornish, Energy Coach

"I came away from the sessions with Rozynna feeling so excited about the coming year. Her coaching helped me overcome some misgivings about the direction of my business, and I feel clearer about where I am going and why. Her positivity and inspiration reignited the creative spark within me, which has been too quiets recently. Somehow, by encouraging me to think bigger, Rozynna made me feel even more confident about my future. I would certainly recommend Rozynna if you want more inspiration, creativity and brilliance in your life." Thea Jolly, Happiness Coach

“A truly inspirational coach”
"My sessions with Rozynna left me feeling excited, uplifted and charged with a new way of seeing how I do things I immediately had new ideas regarding how to brand my business in a way that I love Rozynna is a truly inspirational coach and I can definitely feel that things are shifting for me in a very positive way since I worked with her. I have expanded my wealth consciousness, really connected with my true purpose and gained valuable insight around what it is I am delivering with my workshops and one to one work, both in the creative and capacity building work I do. Highly recommended." Moyra Scott, Creativity & Productivity Coach

The 6-week unleash your Brilliance program has been designed with you in mind to create More impact, more influence, more income

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a transformational experience that will unleash your potential and allow you to take huge strides forwards.


This is your time…

Say yes to the life you truly desire

Yes!  I'm ready to transform my business and lifestyle with the unleash your Brilliance program


This program is for you if you are…

  • fully committed to improving your life, and your business.

  • ready to apply our proven steps to leap to your zone of genius.

  • stuck in your business but not willing to give up your dreams.

  • prepared to investing in yourself in order to make long-lasting changes.

  • willing to work hard and serious about creating success without compromise.

  • ready to get the expert support and guidance of two highly regarded experts who have been through the process and paved the way.

  • desiring to live an expansive life that fulfils your life purpose.

This program is not for you if you are...

  • looking for a universal formula for your success.

  • not ready to take responsibility for your own life.

  • looking for a quick fix and expect results without really engaging yourself.

  • too busy to commit the time and energy to doing the work.

  • not prepared to leave your comfort zone.

  • not committed to a complete transformation.

  • not ready to invest in your future success and happiness.


The world is waiting for SOMEONE with your unique speciality

If you’re still here you are likely to be considering joining Unleash your Brilliance. Before you make the decision, ask yourself...

  • What would it be like to leap out of bed every morning, with the joy of knowing that you are making a huge difference in real people's lives?

  • What would it be like to know that you were using your talents, abilities and brilliance to their fullest, while being fully in charge of your own life?

  • And what if every professional and life experience you've had until now has uniquely prepared you for your next quantum leap?

This is a sacred time for you.

This is your moment to create a huge positive transformation in the lives of others - and in your own.

You may seize it today, or not. The choice is 100% yours. Just realise that this is your opportunity to live your deepest truth.

Remember there is tremendous power in making a decision, making a commitment. 

Who will you become?

This program is the transformation of a lifetime. Creating a business is the greatest self-development program in the world. For while you are absorbing the tools, techniques and skills that you need, and using them to create a successful business, so much more is happening at a much deeper level. You are learning to create more abundance yourself, and becoming more powerful, more confident, and simply brilliant.

So it’s not just about what you learn, how much you earn, and who you meet as a result of this program, nor is it simply about the transformations you create in your clients. It also about who you become in the process, as you step into the role of you are truly meant to be.

I can’t wait to facilitate these powerful transformations, will one of them be you?

Much love,



P.S. If you’re letting thoughts of “who am I to do this?” or “I’m too young” “I’m too old” or “I’m not good enough” hold you back from saying yes to YOU...

...I want to remind you: your clients are out there waiting for you to get it together, they are waiting for you to be able to create the transformations they need. Isn’t it time that you took the leap?

Go on.... take a stand for YOU and your future.

Yes!  I'm ready to transform my business and lifestyle with the unleash your Brilliance program

You were meant for more and you know it. It's time for your quantum leap to brilliance